Canon EOS 550D

I’ll be trading in my DSLR on monday, and I was at odds as to whether I should stay with Canon or defect to Nikon. My current DSLR is a Canon EOS1000D which has no film capabilities whatsoever. If I am to to have my own Michael Palinesque travel round the world culture show on the BBC, I really need to get some practice.

Here is the bulk of my research, and yes I watched youtube videos after peeking the prices -and what!?!


Review By: Digital Rev

After this witty review I was leaning towards the Nikon D3100 but I dug deeper in the world of the Canon EOS550D, because it had a microphone input. I thought about was the price difference at first, but after watching the Camera Labs review, I decided that the 550D would be the better investment.

Review By: Camera Labs

I was geeking out when I peeked the remote trigger software!!! Real talk!!! I can play Khally Leibowitz up in this!!!



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