I love reading books. There are times where I go without reading a book for months because the last book I read before that was epic, and I can’t see myself ever topping it. Books are special because they set the imagination racing, and you learn new words -I have a list of words in my notes that I write down, which I plan on looking up in the dictionary and writing out the definitions in my notebook as well as similar phrases in the thesaurus. *I’m a mahoooosive nerd in that respect

I love books because I’m inspired by how moved by the story of something. It’s also a great way to learn through the eyes of another because you have the opportunity to see things from a fresh perspective, in regards to events you have previously been in yourself. Reading inspires so many emotions, and with each book I view the world differently, not to mention the amount of new words I acquire and the fresh contexts to apply them to. At this moment in time I’m absolutely loving fictional literature, a few years ago I used to love the non fiction but I rekindled my love affair with Graphic Novels (Comic Books) before discovering the likes of read the likes of I Am Legend, Celestine Prophesy, and Kill Your Friends, all of which influenced and inspired my journey into writing literature. I think one of the main driving forces behind re-igniting my literary flame was X-Men: Phoenix Saga and Phoenix Endsong, one I discovered whilst studying an Access to Engineering course at Lambeth College, the other I discovered some time after when I happened to look in the back of a comic I had brought and got excited to see a saga involving the Phoenix. *I discover things in weird and coincidental ways -uncanny indeed.

I’m drawn towards anything involving outer space, romance, and epic tales of survival, I find these tales intriguing because they’re full of adventure. These tales are littered with gems because they give you an insight into circumstances you go through everyday, in a different context. I must admit that at the end of the Phoenix saga, and Endsong I was quite sad because the Phoenix died, leaving not only Cyclops, but Wolverine and the rest of the team in pieces because they had to conquer and defeat a friend -Endsong, whilst protecting her from the enemy of the Shi’ar and trans galactic alliance.


Out of the X-Men I‘ve always related to Wolverine, or rather he relates to me: wandering reclusive who’s deeply pensive searching for a purpose, the anti-hero type of dude -no sob stories or violin cues. I feel sorry for Wolverine because he loves Jean Grey but has to stand by and watch her waltz off into the sunset with Cyclops -captain of the team to whom Wolverine doesn’t take orders from, seldom takes orders from anyone. Wolverine also has a crazy ex girlfriend who he thought they killed but tries to return to enact revenge whilst Sabretooth is his arch-enemy always crawling around for a fight… Anything other than being the silent reclusive doesn’t apply in the obvious context but in other respects they may linger in some shape or form.


I’m drawn towards literature with one character as the focal point, set within an environment of someones life where you can immerse yourself within the plot -almost as you see the story through your eyes. A book that did that for me, and had me gripped was I Am Legend. I was hooked, Robert Matheson did so well on the descriptiveness of the inside of Robert Neville’s mind -I actually felt as if I were there living it as the last man alive. When I read John Nivens book kill your Friends, I was blown away by the might of lead character Stephen Stellfox. From the get go Stellfox instantly connected with me -I seldom admit that I relate to the villains more so than the heroes but hey now is the time nor place for such debates, Stellfox is simply misunderstood. Kill Your Friends made me want to become an A&R, and a piece of the wider industry machine until I became manager of a Pop duo and realised how annoying I find other people -especially when they’re whingeing all the time, I don’t know how to change nappies, I don’t like babies nor kids and since being an A&R/Manager is like babysitting, I thought fuck that shit… Besides I loved Kill your Friends because it provided me an insight into the world behind the smoke and mirrors -regardless of how exaggerated.


I also love books that put spirituality in a whole different context, not in the sense of trying to preach but giving you a new perspective on the way your thinking affects your everyday activity. The Celestine Prophesy does that with the art of coincidence and how you should learn to read into things rather than dismissing your instincts. Alchemist is great too because it teaches you to follow your heart. Both these books left me with a new state of mind afterwards, both were books that I could put down.


My current literary excursion takes me into the mind of one of France’s most accomplished diplomats, a man who advised Napoleon, realised the monster he had created and brought about the downfall of an Emperor by using Emperors own arrogance as a weapon -excellent lesson to all to keep their own counsel, be humble and maintain a level of humility at all times. I love this book because it’s one mans wrestle to maintain the ways of old whilst trying to gracefully outlive all enemies, which he did end up doing. Entertaining to say the least, I’m on the last few chapters and I’m already seeking my next literary adventure. I’ve got Steven Hawking‘s A Brief History of Time in the post -a return to non fiction, although I still have Homer’s Odyssey to complete but I should really read the prequel -Illiad, which I’ve got as a conjoined novel after purchasing from a Greenwich book store. Speaking of unfinished literature, maybe I should finish reading the strategy books I began reading years ago or the many books I borrowed from friends -I shall start them all again with the intention of completion.


Simply put… I love reading a variety of literature and I find my books in so many different ways:

  1. Celestine Prophesy – Picked up at my local library for 50p on a whim -the blurb had me sold!
  2. Kill Your Friends – Recommended read by Joel Harrison
  3. Alchemist – My sis
  4. Kill Your Friends – Picked it up from my brothers desk
  5. The Odyssey – Recommended by Fleanne (unfinished)
  6. Dark Phoenix Saga – Lambeth College Library
  7. Phoenix Endsong – Flicking through comics in the newsagents
  8. The Third Lion – Wiki reading (nearly finished)
  9. The Prophet – Recommended by Sousy (still ain’t finished yet)

Some say knowledge is power but i agree with Einstein who believed the imagination is supreme, the more books you read the greater your imagination shall become.

Peace and Love



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