Sweet Tooth: Maynards – Wine Gums/Sours

I used to love these as a bambino, I didn’t like the fruit pastilles because they took ages to chew and they always used to get stuck in my teeth…Anyway I was idle in the shop at Uni and I saw the pack of wine gums and popped two packs, giving one to the homie @gracebassface and eating the other.


I swear when I got through the pack I reignited my passion for the wine gum, it’s soft and chewy, the light sweet scent, and the flavour is hammmazzzzinggggg! I actually thought there was nothing better until G asked me, out of nowhere…

Have you tasted the sours?

Sours!? Wtf!? That’s all that was going through my head at the time. I asked question after question tryna work out if there was a sweet greater than what I thought was the greatest sweet of all time…

The days went by and one sunny afternoon I was in the office and remembered to buy the sours, I was expecting proper sour stuff like the skittles sours; that bitter taste that makes you scrunch up your face in taste bud agony, but to my amazement Maynards Wine Sours were deliciousssss!!! I can’t pass the SU shop with getting a pack. Usually I buy one of each and wonder why I didn’t just purchase one pack but hey best of both worlds I guess. *Better have my dentist on standby because I got my first filling after 21yrs for having a Percy Ingles Belgian Bun addiction -me and my sweet tooth


Here’s a lil spiel about Maynards that I lifted from wiki:

Maynards is a sweets manufacturer in the United Kingdom and Canada, and is most famous for its Wine Gums. Founded in 1896 by Charles Riley Maynard, he and his brother Tom manufactured the sweets in their kitchen whilst Tom’s wife, Sarah Ann worked in the shop. Although the company was founded in 1896, Charles had been making his sweets since 1880. Maynards Wine Gums were introduced in 1909 by son Charles Gordon Maynard. Maynards has since been bought by Cadbury and now sells over £50m of sweets annually in the UK. *check that figure muthafuckaz!!! 50p per pack on average, grossing more than £50m… (Think I’m gonna faint)

  1. Maynards Wine Gums
  2. Maynards Wine Pastilles
  3. Maynards Wine Sours
  4. Maynards Sports Mix
  5. Maynards Midget Gems.
  6. Maynards Wine Gums Light
  7. Maynards Swedish Berries
  8. Maynards Fuzzy Peaches
  9. Maynards Swedish Fish
  10. Maynards Sour Cherry Blasters
  11. Maynards Sour Watermelons
  12. Maynards Ultra Sour Patch Kids
  13. Maynards Sour Patch Kids
  14. Maynards Sour Chillers
  15. Maynards Juicy Squirts Berry

I’ve only tasted 1/5 of the sweets on the list, to my knowledge. I’m on a quest to taste them all like “Ma-hay-nards!!! Gotta taste em allll” *Pokemon rip



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