Steed Lord – Listen Up!!!

Straight from the depths of the Scandanavian wilderness, Iceland to be exact, is a group of four individuals who make that ‘got you up all night on the dance floor party anthems’.

STEED LORD is a musical performance art project working on the frontiers of pure creativity and music making with impressive and energetic live performances, experimental filmmaking, photography, fashion design and styling, art direction, graphic design and other visual mediums.

The threesome KALI, MEGA and DEMO all hail from their nativeIceland where they grew up in the entertainment and art world learning their craft at an early age in their fathers studios.

Drawing their raw inspiration from their Icelandic background, they have managed to create a world of their own that they call New Crack City where they create their art and write their music.

Steed Lord have since early 2006 been a 100% DIY project and toured all over the world with their music performing for thousands of fans while being featured in numerous magazines, on music and fashion blogs, in TV-shows, on radio and they even designed a clothing line for retail giant H&M.

Steed Lord are independent musicians and release all their music on their own label New Crack City Records but they have also licensed their music and remixes on record labels such as Ed Banger Record (FR), Dim Mak (USA), Southern Fried (UK), Get Physical (DE), Disque Primeur (FR) and One Love (AU).

Steed Lord´s goal is to keep creating and exploring their own unique sound along with expressing their personal vision through their artistic outlets.

I first discovered Steed Lord on a whim whilst going through random song files to download. I was blown away when Ilistened to the DJ Medhi remix of Dirty Muther but my favourite Steed Lord song is ‘Take My Hand’, The Mustard Pimp remix is phenomenal!!! (I don’t use that word but there’s no other explanation for the tunage!!!)


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