El Presidante – UWSU 2011 ELECTIONS

This election caused quite a stir in Uni last month. There was a whole lot of slanderous propagation and widespread student-lecturer panic. There were also some voting discrepancies that caused for a revote but when you take other factors into consideration, I can’t help but feel the whole thing was orchestrated to benefit the motives of those higher up in hierarchy. As much as this sounds like a big conspiracy theory, it’s just my observational point of view. I was out there speaking to candidates, getting to the root of things. I heard the whispers, and witness the widespread panic on a much smaller level than that of politics on a global scale. Moral of the story: politics is a pantomime filled with characters, it’s entertaining from a far yet it affects us all in many ways… Anyway, I know who I voted for and I know who I gassed, I know who kept their word and was sincere, I also know who cheesed for the most votes. My solution would be for all the candidates to come together and form a coalition of students because ‘We all we got’. It seems like the winner will be the ones favoured by those higher up rather than those who would like to make a difference, fair enough as I refused to vote Lib Dem in the last election because it was a wasted vote. Look what you gullible twats got us into: cuts, cuts, broken promises, cuts, job losses, cuts!!! It’s probably the reason why so many students march and turn nasty to smash things up because they all got spun round and fucked in the ass by Citizen Clegg because he aligned himself with Citizen Cameron, and held two shit stained middle finger up at the have-nots with hope of social and financial mobility. We are faced with a future of cuts, media manipulation to cover up the cuts, and desperate attempts suppress the minds of the masses -continually numbing their senses by desensitising their emotions…

Better the demon you know rather than the one you don’t

The funny thing about these marches is the marchers outnumber the pigs by several miles, think how different it’ll be if these people had nothing to lose i.e. If they were from an estate after they cut off all the benefits, all the resources, everything. People from the inner city areas wouldn’t think twice about bodying pigs or becoming martyrs because they have nothing to lose, these people already have a mind state where they accept death at the next step, whether it be from the rival dealer on the estate or the next gang across the borough who need more stripes.

Listen I could go on all day but I just wanted to show you some of the candidates, and some of their attempts to gain support in the election. This really did get nasty beneath the surface, I really wished the three brothers done a rap song, the four sisters made pop, and jade did some sort of deranged crazy hardcore/drum and bass number.

I can’t help but find all politicians annoying, however these students all want to make a change. I really hope that whoever gets in will give their running mates some sort of responsibility or counsel.

Peace and Love





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