Supermalt – Loss of Viscosity


The ‘Original’ was viscous and foamy

I could go through a 6 pack with no problems but I can’t help but dislike the current viscosity of Supermalt, it’s too watery!!!
With every passing year since the millennium, Supermalt has lost it’s viscosity.

What’s with the current watery formula Supermalt?
Why is Supermalt no longer viscous?
What’s with the trend of losing it’s viscosity with eery passing year?

This is a travesty!

I, on behalf of the billions of other Supermalt consumers, have decided to start a revolution against your vile operation which compromises taste at the hands of dwindling it’s viscosity.
We shall not stand for such -cost effective, health guidelines, lack of additives?- nonsense, we pay good money in return for great product and you don’t seem to be sticking to your side of the bargain!

Bring back the viscosity of yesteryears!!!
Bring back the Supermalt I fell in love with as a young man!!!
Bring back the power of viscosity!!!

Who’s with me on this?!
Answer the call to arms!!!

Join the crusade!!!



2 thoughts on “Supermalt – Loss of Viscosity

  1. Yes I found the same thing, it doesnt have a full taste like it used to. I drink mighty malt now I find this much more nicer and more heavy in texture


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