Kendrick Lamar – The Heart

I love this guy –pause– musically, lyrically, artistically, and content, I’ve got his music in heavy rotation at the moment. It all started when I heard my brother, @AbsoluteBombs, playing The Heart Pt. 2.

I heard this passion in the rap spiralling with energy until Kendrick coughed at the end. The intro to part.2, featuring an excerpt of a Dash Snow interview, summed it up so I went and copped the tapes.

Listening to the tapes and seeing the visuals inspired me to get back on my grizzle because I had seen my vision realised, I couldn’t help but think that if I stuck to the script in 2010, rather than get sidetracked, I could of made a whole lot of progress. I was onto something special when I begun my secret project; I didn’t care about misconceptions, preconceptions, contemporaries… I really didn’t give a fuck about anyones expectations because I was just being creative, in it’s purest form, my first offering would become a foundation for all else which followed. I have the freedom to do whatever I want because I have no body of work which listeners could compare it to.

It’s funny because I tried to run from a dream for so long until I realised I’d become a robot. I didn’t want my energy to become dark, bittersweet, and grey, I wanted my heart and my overall spirit and aura to remain radiant. This was the point where I began to fear my own fearlessness, after much deliberation I stopped fearing my own fearlessness and decided to plough on with my plan.

I sat down and reevaluated because I had told more than a few people about my blueprint, I had to switch lanes and meditate. I realised that it made no sense in me giving my blueprint to others when they neither understood nor implemented any of my counsel. I eventually got fed up when I analysed the operations of others, and decided to apply these strategies to myself immediately rather than look upon my creative energy as a mere past time. As much as I enjoy being creative, both musically and literally, I really see myself doing nothing else so rather than run away from a dream, I thought I’d embrace and make it happen.

What have I got to lose?

There’s nothing to lose in honesty, integrity, and going after your dream, it’s pretty much like faith, it keeps you going on the darkest days. Dreams are what keep you alive, they give you a purpose to live, and share your vision with others who can relate to your honesty. Many people lose their integrity, or sell it for less that it’s worth, along the way but it’s priceless. Integrity and honesty are two things someone should maintain throughout a lifetime, never falter, fuck what all else is doing, fuck what all else thinks, just be yourself because if your energy is honest, you’ll attract honest people, energy, and support far from the fickleness of bandwagon jumpers who are out to make a quick earner.

This is a lifestyle of thought, it’s within the soul, I plan to keep it that way, I don’t fear my fearlessness, I embrace it…



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