Soundtrack To Insomnia


Swindle – Mood Swings EP
Swindle – Airmiles EP
Goldielocks – Pterodactyl/Magic Carpet
Goldielocks – I’m Not Her
Kashmir Kid – Tear Gas/Hijack EP
Kashmir Kid – Return To Bombay City/Only Friend
Magnetic ManI Need Air
Katy BKaty On A Mission

I literally dived into iTunes to get the Airmiles EP and picked up the Pterodactyl/Magic Carpet, two Kashmir Kid releases alongside the Mood Swings EP, Katy On A Mission, and I Need Air. I’m deffinitely in the mood for dubstep right now and since I’ve missed the Fwd Vs Rinse boat yet again, I’ve decided to arm myself for Bass Cake on the 21st april.


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Feel free to recommend me some newer stuff because this is all on the back of listening to Swindle’s mix for Fact magazine.


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Let’s just hope I wake up on time for work in the morning, tired or not I’ve got a baddaman playlist to see me through the morning commute!




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