Choices 101 – Change?

It’s an odd time for everything taking place in all parts of the empire at the moment. The charts have become a melting pot of polarities, an amalgamation of the underground music scene of the past twenty years with sprinkles of fairy pop dust. One can’t help but notice the domino effect taking place, some of the hardest and most gritty mcs of old are becoming more vulnerable; ditching everything they built a strong foundation -reputation as opposed to income stream- on, turning to the charts for an earner. What once were lyrics littered with criminal references has turnt to champagne, partying, and the woes of bubblegum romance. Nothing wrong with the subject matter however, I’m witnessing too many gangsters going moist.

Let’s be real honest for a second, speaking of romance is never moist but raised on a diet of gangster films in an environment where a good 85% of your peers, and role models, are involved in some kind of criminal activity, you’re taught from the get go to never change, whilst also walking the fine line of being yourself and doing you. Your roots are what keep you grounded, they form the foundation of the thoughts telling you to stick to the guidelines; go hard, go h.a.m, go in -and whatever else- keep it gangster.

Going soft is a habit, you have to keep yourself mean.

So what’s the problem in going soft, what’s the problem in change, life is an ongoing evolution, we all change right?

Well it may seem so but there’s plenty of olders from my neighbourhood, and others all over, who still wear tracksuits, still on the grind, still juggling wraps, these guys don’t change and they don’t understand why people change their ways. These guys are trapped inside the confines of their own prison, they still don’t step foot outside of their three mile radius because they believe that it’s rival territory. These people don’t believe in social mobility.

I think we can all spot the contrived from a mile off, we see the transparency, we see clearly through the mist of bullshit to the figurative intentions all to make a quick earner, there’s no staying power in the plan, just a quick hustle to earn a quick £.

A G, I’ll ride with you for free, I want the long term riches and bitches.

Contrary to this statement, some new artists don’t think of the longterm when approached by label execs, they all seem to focus on their current state of affairs: getting their mother back home -in reference to the generation who migrated to Britain from overseas, the snakes in disguise, the opportunity to escape the box of a house in a 40 storey tower block surrounded by crazy energy on all sides, not to mention the endless fiends, threat of attack from the rival estates, gangs, dealers, stick up kids on the hunt for stripes and ghetto mobility… The list goes on.

As a crab in a barrel, how’d you expect me not to grab the check being waved over me with both claws?

That’s the dilemma because if you don’t, there’s always someone else who will, as we all know. Opportunities don’t come around often so it makes perfect sense to take them right?
Correct on many levels, but if you don’t know how to pick the right opportunities for you, you’ll never win. It seems to be a case of creating your own opportunities so when the right one arrives from outside, its on your terms and its you who holds all the strings.



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