Adaggio – Prequel To M.I.T.O

It’s only a few more days until this is released and I can’t wait!!! Adaggio will bring a sound of musical elitism to the sewers; mixing the polished with the rugged, the sound of a violin to a warbling synth bassline and the duttiest drumbeats!!! I swear when M.I.T.O drops it’s gonna be Up In My Ear for ages!!!

If you want to hear what Adaggio is like live, come down to the Japan Benefir Gig, hosted by Faculty Music & Media, an independent student run record label, at the core of Westminster University’s Harrow Campus.

Click Poster for Facebook Event Info

Here is our Just Giving Page which we’re using to support The British Red Cross Society:

If you aren’t here at the event, stay tuned to Up In The Ear because when the mixtape drops, the link will be found here.



2 thoughts on “Adaggio – Prequel To M.I.T.O

    • I like what I heard, also on some of the album videos of you guys doing your thing. When’s the album dropping, is there anything I can hear?

      Drop me an email with a bio and some links and I’ll see to getting something written up about you.


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