Hangover Club – Doing It Again (MAD Fly Unit)

I peeked this vid last week and liked the whole vibe, it’s reminiscent of the whole US underground movement; Kendrick Lamar, Dom Kennedy, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller et al. It seemed that it was a feel good, fun sorta vibe.

These dudes are from uni and funnily enough I bumped into the producer Camp Mulla, and Ade Flownerdia who featured on the hook, whilst they were filming an episode with Denis Novojilov for -something- TV… I rudely interrupted, on my way back to the Faculty Music office, and now I’m going to hear some exclusive snippets from their upcoming project at 1730. *Who says bad manners doesn’t pay eh?

Excited much?… Moreso intrigued because I know I’ll be in for some synthtastic bangers, and I finally get to hear some London anthems!

Disclaimer: Doing it Again is a song by an artist, who also attends the uni, called Idris Jones but since Hangover Club formed the bulk of production and I don’t know whether Idris is a member of the extended family, I put them in the title.



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