Jake Emlyn Proposes To Eliza Doolittle!!!


Disclaimer: Lose all preconceptions before you listen. Jake will always prove you wrong to become the irreversible to what you expected.

This is a mate of mine from Uni, he’s a great artist and hella versatile. Idiosyncracies a plenty, Jake Emlyn is a one man band with bags of personality. You shall always be entertained with this guy; lyrics, melodies, concepts, or style itself.

I applaude and relate to Jake because he is Style before Fashion, Jake doesn’t makes choices based upon trends, he stays individual.

Jake Emlyn (Barlow), Up In The Ear salutes you. Big Up!




One thought on “Jake Emlyn Proposes To Eliza Doolittle!!!

  1. The Troubadour wrote this about me….

    “The first time he played we were stunned. This man looks a bit like a cockney Willy Wonka, and his songs are reminiscent of a much cooler Jamie T without all the backing instruments. Him, his keyboard, and a couple of back-beats. A multi talented boy NOT to be missed.”


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