Budget101: Dining On A Tip

There’s nothing wrong with dining out but in the current financial climate I thought I’d give the boojie folk a lesson in ghetto gourmet.

Nandos smandos!!! The price you pay for a 1/4 chicken, chips, and regular side plus the refilled drink, is the same price it is to feed yourself for three nights if you hit the strip (high street, town centre, the place where you see all crackheads and alkies late at night).


There’s plenty of fast food restaurants one can choose from when dining in Le Ghetto, some with vaguely similar names to your high end, and middle end restaurants: Favourites, LFC, AFC, Perfectos (waaaay before Nandos hit we had Perfectos in the ends), Lions (LFCs sister shop on the legendary Queens Rd), Morley’s, Amir’s (Morley’s in disguise).

So next time you got £3.60 in my part of London, you can get a chicken burger with fries, four hot wings (plus the extra with 25p loose change) and a 1.5 litre bottle of Sunkist (Ain’t seen it in years and it actually looks like Sinkist), an ol skool drink for those who remember it.

Bon Appetite!



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