Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro (black/cement grey)

I ain’t jumping on no bandwagon, I had these when I was a bambino so to all you cheap ass muthafuckas who weren’t so fly, and wore the no name kicks, beat up plimsoles, or had to wait til you were getting £££ off the strip to look fly… meh. I been had these and simply want them again!


“The Black Cement Air Jordan Retro 3 (III) color-way is one of the most well known models and has only been released once since its 1994 re-release. The shoe is simply Black and Grey and with the traditional Air Jordan Retro (3) III elephant print.”

The only reason why I haven’t got these yet is because there’s so many counterfeits going around and the legit pairs are like $700… Like I can justify paying that amount for a pair of sneakers that I’ll hardly ever wear because the fucking sun doesn’t shine every day. I don’t know about y’all but the days have gone when I actually cared about being exclusive, that shit doesn’t faze me, I know how to rock em whereas some of y’all fuck em up for everybody by wearing em wrong… Just like your corny ass did to Polo and New Era: Real connoisseurs know that big ponies are for the flashy twat who has no style, and outlandish looking loud coloured beat up caps are for the eeediats who can’t afford a new one.

I’m off that and I’m on this…

I’ve got my ££££££s saved for my Black Cement Air Jordan Retro 3 (III) for when I hit states, and get released over here, either or what ever one comes first.

They shall be mine!!!


(I was in character so some parts may require an accent)


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