Robert Matheson – I Am Legend

Highly Recommended

I’m not going to tell lies and say I always read books because I don’t. I have a very low attention threshold, I get bored easily and it has taken me the best part of five years to complete one, so many more remain unfinished. Me and books don’t go together, I begin to read then lose all interest before picking it up to read months later, it really is similar to my musical tastes: I need to be in the mood. Whilst a whole lot of books don’t captivate me enough for it to be glued to my palms, there are some which I can’t put down…

I Am Legend had me captivated!!! I got lost in this book, I loved it! I used to read a chapter every night before bed, I also read it on buses, trains, lunch breaks, and anywhere else I was stationary. This book made me feel as though I were looking out of the lead characters eyes, inside his head and heart to experience exactly what was taking place in the book. Maybe I was drawn to the book because I’m quite solitary, either that or I could just imagine what it’ll be like to be the last person hoping there were someone out there like them.

This book had me connected to the point where I couldn’t wait to get home so I could get stuck into it, I was sad when it ended. This book inspired me in ways I could not describe.

Robert Matheson, Up In The Ear salutes you for writing the master piece that is I Am Legend… It’s such a shame that the film let all your hard work down, I’m talking the one starring Will Smith not the b-movie from the mid-twentieth century, because unlike me, some people don’t have the privilege to have read your book in full before Hollywood got hold of it.



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