Nike ACG Wildwood – Black/Olive and Orange

Let’s start with a spiel about the ACG Wildwood, which I lifted from Size?

Nike built the Wildwood to withstand outdoor abuse and still provide continuous comfort and fashion to the wearer. As one of the charter members of the ACG family, it was only a matter of time before the Air Wildwood’s return, as the brand continues to celebrate its first twenty years influencing sneaker fashion.”

ACG Wildwood - Black/Olive and Orange (On My Feet)

I cannot lie to anyone, my brother put me onto these back in ’09 because he had copped a pair that had the theme of an ol’ skool NES (the first Nintendo gaming console released in 1985 which birthed Super Mario Brothers, Zelda, et al) Control pad running along the one of the leather accents. I saw em and was blown away because I associated ACG with the uglier side of outdoor footwear, so when I saw the Nintendo joints I had to cop myself a pair. I had searched all of my usual haunts before going to Size? on Carnaby Street, my fave footwear and fashion district in the capital, and went home with a box of the Grey/Black and Comet Red. Little did I know how narrow the muffafuckers were, after a few days of wearing em my feet were fucked!!! Seriously I really should of worn them around the house because unlike Max 87s they have round fronts rather than pointed, they’re also much more ridgid because of their sturdy build. I really should have known better. After this period passed I literally couldn’t get them off of my feet, I was saddened when my first pair got soaked in a flood because I couldn’t find them anywhere until a few years later upon a Friday afternoon trip into Carnaby. That day Size? didn’t have my shoe size: UK9, US9.5/10, EUR42 (for future reference), ironically so I strolled 30yd over to Office where I got them for the same price they were in Size? with a student discount.

The other colourways were nice but I opted for this one because I had never been brave enough to wear such combinations of hues, added to the fact that I had purchased an olive Cardigan from work which matches the olive accent on the sneaker. I wanted to do something different because this year is much more brighter than previous ones, I feel that my first quarter is behind me, whilst the second quarter is a progression of the growth and learning from yesteryear. The second quarter and this purchase not only symbolises being oneself, but epitomises coming out of a shell, of my former self, to embracing the inner individual.


'Wildwood Safari' My next purchase

I use the mantra ‘Style Over Fashion‘ because my ‘Life-Style choices are not trendy‘. I’ve never managed to fit in, or ever felt like I did, so I learnt to embrace my differences, imperfections, and idiosyncrasies over the course of a lifetime…

To think I only intended on showing you what kicks I was wearing today, hope you enjoyed the insightful train of choice.




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