iWear: Nike Air Max 87s

I wear these because they are light and comfortable, they support the arches of my feet when I utilise the free set of arch supports, and they are the only pair of sneakers that make me feel as though I’m wearing a pair of slippers. They are less rigid than other models, especially the textile pairs as opposed to the leather uppers. They cone in a variety of colour ways, and special edition pack, some more outlandish than others, some more rare than others.

The featured pairs are all limited editions, the white on black colourway being the Ben Drury, and the other two being the skull pack. I actually wanted a pair of the Ben Drury’s when they were released in the mid ’00s but I weren’t quick enough, I did manage to get the green on grey colourway skull pack many years ago, I’ve only worn them like three times. Now I’m on the hunt for the Orange on Blue colourway to complete the collection but it’s hard to find a legit, clean pair.

Before you jump to any conclusions, the skull pack colourways represent the north and south athletics teams, if my memory serves me correctly.

But yea… Air Max 87s are ill! They only tend to come out in the summer months because rain on soft fabric sneakers are like using your MacBook in the rain, it’s something you don’t do.

I can’t wait for it to get sunny again.




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