Lily Allen – Alright Still

I’ve always been a fan of Lily Allen, I remember when I first stumbled across her myspace page back in 06/07. I taped all of the the featured songs onto cassette tape and showed everyone.
I was excited and inspired because the sound and style was soooo different; It was animated, thought provoking and pleasant. I remember listening to the songs and instantly trying to load up Reason, to find that the user license had run out of my bootleg copy, I was fucked! I told everyone that she’d blow up soon, I don’t think anyone believed me at the time nor remembers but that first album was amazing, so were the b-sides.

I miss Lily, I miss her music because I think she’d make an ill Rap album as I believe she’s got flows, as anyone who’s heard Knock Em Out.

I’d always show love to Lily because she was rocking vintage Chanel dresses with Air Max 90s on some fly tip. She’s also one of the only women who could still look foxy in a dinosaur outfit.

I think it’s rare that you find an artist who is naturally themselves: music, visuals, attitude, swag. I’m glad that Lily Allen’s debut album, Alright Still, captured what she been doing up to that point. It was an album where she didn’t care about what people thought, she was just herself. Alright Still was a beautiful first offering because it was honest, no matter how blunt or thought provoking. Alright Still is a juxtaposition between content and soundscape, forever special because I remember the moment where I had discovered something new, scoured limewire for the demos, got them, listened to them in tracklist order before going out and getting the album from HMV on the Kings Road on my way to work.

You’ll always be a legend Lily, Up In The Ear salutes you.



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