OI 101 – The First Offering

I don’t know what I should expect from a free mixtape, is it bad to expect a perfect offering as if it had been sent from the Gods on Mt Olympus, with lines delivered on papyrus scripts, as if the ink of the punchlines were penned by the high priest Imhotep himself?

As dramatic as the opening paragraph sounds, that’s exactly what I expect, I expect the truth. No fronting, no rush, but outstanding quality over quantity because it’s something you must be proud of. A free offering is nothing short of priceless because you are offering your unbridled creativity, and integrity. It’s your platform, the stage where you get to showcase your skills. The free offering is the ring where you battle for the ears of the masses against the pre-established artists: Jigga, Kanye, Biggie Smalls, MJ, Bob Marley, Thelonious Monk, you’re basically vying for my attention amongst some of the greatest LPs ever released, so please get your definition straight; is it an album, LP, EP, mixtape, promo?
Please ask yourself before starting or putting it together because an EP to me is 7 tracks, an LP is 10, an album is 12-13, a mixtape is 20+, and a promo is a bunch of whatevers on whaddevas.

Conventions… Who needs em?

I’ve downloaded a lot of the free music being pushed around, both here and overseas, and I’m not really satisfied with what I’m hearing. There’s a few artists, one or two, that’s had me captivated, and a lot of others where I’ve actually forced myself to listen. It’s hard because I’ll be the first to admit I’m a snob, I hardly feel anything because it’s see through, transparent, there’s a lack of substance because the formula is all too apparent.

Break the rules much?

I actually wish more people would. I wish a lot of artists stopped caring about earning an income and put their craft first, I admire a ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude, when it comes to creation and self expression, also none of the greatest to ever do it gave a fuck anyway, they ploughed through and blazed their own trail rather than standing on the shoulder of a giant to follow suit.

I feel that the reason why a majority of people fail to stand out is because they aren’t doing anything different, fair enough they act like it, but they aren’t being themselves, they simply play up to who they want to be. I feel like with the rise of social networking platforms it’s much more simpler to control how you are perceived, the existence becomes hyperreal because in that cloud of activity everything seems so real when it isn’t, it’s all fake, smoke and mirrors.

Sometimes I wish that the time spent wearing the mask and parading around on the catwalk was spent creating for the love, fuelled by the naive passion to let loose rather than conforming to the conventions of a 3.5 minute pop song. I wish artists would concentrate on a legacy rather than signing a deal, I wish artists would deliver something I can relate to rather than all the jewels, money, hits, and girls they have.

We live in times of environmental, spiritual, political, and social unrest, I just wish artists would give us an honest account of what’s going on in their lives, make it socially and culturally relevant. Sometimes these artists exist but the music isn’t there, the soundscapes to which they lay their lines isn’t compatible, it’s hardly the type you’d want to wake up next to in the morning, just the type of music that you lash and dash…
Analogies aside, everything acts as a sign pointing to a course of action that shall be taken.

This is as real as it gets…

I just kept hearing my brother playing this over and over and it left me speechless. The passion, the pain, the emotion, the content, it’s all inspiring and thought provoking. I went out and got his mixtapes, and album. I suggest you do the same because listening to Kendrick Lamar and his content gives us all hope that there’s some rappers left who can rock it at all levels. I’ve literally had this song on repeat all fucking day whilst moving around, check how he climaxes, passion.

Be Inspired.




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