Stalley – Ohio Lion


Here’s someone you need to up on. Stalley’s got the bars, the beats, and the intention for change. Introspective and emotive, I urge you all to download his two albums and give them a listen. Fair enough the new album ‘Lincoln Way Nights: Intelligent Trunk Music’ is the new release but to truly understand the story of Stalley you have to delve into his first offering ‘MadStalley: The Autobiography’.

“MadStalley: The Autobiography” is a personal piece inspired by Stalley’s move from Ohio to Brooklyn which features re-worked Madlib productions.


MadStalley: The Autobiography

“Intelligent Trunk Music marks a new turn for Stalley, the up-and-coming Bruce Springsteen of rap. After sharing the personal story of his transition from Ohio to New York City with The Autobiography, Stalley is taking it back to his small town roots in Massillon, Ohio. Massillon is a town known for its blue collar work ethic, steel factories, American muscle cars and a love for hard 808 kicks. Stalley linked up with producer Rashad to create a sonic aesthetic to match.”


Lincoln Way Nights: Intelligent Truck Music

If you’re looking for something emotive and introspective, look no further than Stalley. He’s a great lyricist who is set for big things.



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