Cornelia – By The Fire / Now and Hereafter

Cornelia Dahlgren

The charm of Cornelia is found within her sultry voice, accentuating a playful soundscape providing the backdrop to tales of uncertainty lingering beneath the surface of all things safe and playful. Cornelia has described her latest offering, By The Fire/Now and Hereafter as ‘A juxtaposition of the safe and uncertain, the contrast of putting yourself out there rather than staying home where it is safe and warm’.

By The Fire captures the sentiment of uncertainty almost perfectly by gaining momentum from the get go. As a listener I was pleasantly surprised to hear such a big brash, and infectious synth lead chorus, the total opposite of what I had expected when listening to the first few seconds.

Now and Hereafter, with its dreamlike fanciful sounds, it reminds me of sitting on the edge of a bed, in a big white room with the window open, watching the curtains blow back and forth, whilst admiring the view from a bedroom on Cornelia’s homeland, the Swedish island of Oland. It’s a truly amazing song but the Tokimonsta remix is the jewel in the crown.

I instantly connected with it, my head couldn’t stop bobbing, I pulled all the weird faces of amazement, I fell in love with it as I listened to it on repeat a few million times.


Available from iTunes

Cornelia’s music is endearing, it walks the fine line between innocence and guilty pleasure escapism. Vocally one can say Lykke Li is definitely one of Cornelia’s contemporaries but the musical themes, and creative direction couldn’t make these two artists further removed from each other.



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