My Latent Mission Statement

Why should Up In The Ear be confined to music, isn’t it necessary for Up In The Ear to be a hub of activity where people utilise the categories to pin point exactly what they’re looking for.

Let’s be real for a moment, super real, actual… Yes!!! Brainwave!!!

Ermmm ja…

Aliases will be corresponding from all fronts of not only popular culture, but secular and all in between, because we live in a day and age where we are interested in everything affecting the paradigm of tomorrows zeigeist. (funny-ha-ha-haaaa: I slotted words in to condense ten paragraphs of dissatory depth into a few characters! Elaborate for totally no reason, although I had to actually explain that I knew what the words meant, I also had to let you know I’m not a pompous pleb!!!)

Anyway… I’m going to get back to what I enjoy doing and I shall try and share all I encounter with you… Ima be on some reuters ting!!! – blap blap!!! (funny-ha-ha-haaaa! – Reuters pronounced Roy-ters … Translation for the unedumaked)

So if you wanna know whas urrrrp in the ear just keep running back and forth, join the debate by dropping comments and tweets (@Whereisko)

Stay (ermmmm) listening



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