Missing – Where Is Dom Kennedy?

Dom Kennedy is moving like a Phantom right now. There’s no traces of his whereabouts…

Out of Office?

The sites down and these videos keep appearing every so often, all of which have no dialogue or music whatsoever, only a soundtrack overdubbing all of the activity which would give us some kinda clue as to what’s happening.

It started 19 days ago when The Topshelf Company, an independent guild of film makers, posted some footage of Dom out in Dijibouti in East Africa. We, the audience, are left guessing the reason why he travelled there. At first I thought he was retracing his roots, as you do when you want to reconnect with your ancestors, but I thought it was Rap related when I saw Freeway in the flea market. Could this be a coincidence or is there something more sinister occurring?

The next film appeared 8 days ago, and features the likes of Big Sean, Casey Veggies, and Kendrick Lamar, yet there’s no dialogue or performance music, it’s been overdubbed yet again with a funk record.

The final video appeared onto the net 14 hours ago, it’s Dom making a pitstop in Santa Monica to hit the studio with Chuck Inglish from the Cool Kids. The video also features the legendary Hip Hop producer Alchemist.

There’s been a lot of speculation about Dom Kennedy dropping the following up to his 2010 album, From The Westside with Love, but this will be a part 2 entitled The Original Dom Kennedy. It’s an intriguing time because with the recent signing of Westcoasters OFWGKTA and Kendrick Lemar, the labels have been sniffing around every mixtape and club night in LA trying to find the next big thing. Also with Dom not making the XXL Freshman Cover to everyones surprise, I wonder what he has to say about that and whether he even cares. Me personally I think Dom Kennedy doesn’t really give two fucks because at the rate he puts out quality music and visuals, he’ll be blowing up real soon, not to mention his classic opening lines when rapping on tracks. Here’s a few of my faves:

“You must got a fever, too hot to have a man girl you must want to leave him.”

“I be that n*gga always wearing something clean for the groupies.”

Locals Only was the last video Dom dropped from Westside with Love, capturing the sentiment of the track almost perfectly.

I, as many others, am eagerly awaiting the next offering because throughout the four releases: Future Drug Street Sounds, 25th Hour, Best After Bobby, and Westside with Love, Dom Kennedy has constantly evolved, maintaining a level of consistency, and progression that most people lose by their sophomore release. The releases aren’t exactly perfect, there are some low points, and songs I don’t like but that’s always the case with any artist, the high points often outweigh the low points because they’re always in your playlist.

Dom definitely has an ear for music and character for his words, I’m a big supporter and will always laugh when I hear my favourite Kennedy line:

“Stabbing white girls too no OJ.”

That’s off the 25th Hour tape on the song Back Around, it’s also the sort of character I’m talking about, the cheeky jabs that make you laugh because you’re always on a ‘no OJ’ tip.

If you’re looking for the backlog of Dom Kennedy tapes it’s best to wait until The Original Dom Kennedy is released because the site will reopen. Here’s a lil message from the man himself…

“I’m worn out like a pair of jeans… Paper denim, loose staple pigeons because Ed Hardy jeans is against my True Religion. God bless the victim…”

Come Back Home – Dom Kennedy

Thank you for reading, if you see him, drop a comment.



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