Kay Young – The Smell of Winter (FreEP)

What does winter smell like?

This is the question I had been asking myself ever since I’d got an email from Katie Young, notifying me that she’s working on a new project called “The Smell of Winter”.

Each week after a new link to a youtube video was passed around there was also a download link, which I could not get as I had no wifi at the time. By the time I got wifi however it was too late to catch up on all the download tweets I had favorited. I had to wait three whole months to download the official release. RAGE!

In the time I waited, I tried to work out what winter smelt like. I sniffed and inhaled deeply to the point where I caught a horrendous cold; starting with the sniffles and sneeze, to phlegm filled chesty throat coughs and disgusting headaches. My pursuit for an answer was fraught with obstacles until it dawned on me, the smell of winter is nostalgia.

The scent of winter is that warm chocolaty swirly sweetness, the memories, the smiles, the feelings, the contemplation and fragments of love lost, lovers missed, and the good times, with a hint of the not so good.

Kay Young’s release The Smell of Winter captures nostalgia inside thirteen tracks, which utilise the art of sampling most innovatively to present something crossing the line between classic Dilla, his more outlandish and boundary pushing creations, layered with sweet melody and vocal arrangements reminiscent of a debuting Jil Scott.

If you want nostalgia in a time where everything else seems to sound like a technological space invasion, look no further.



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