hEARs UP: OFWGKTA – Do You Know Earl?

When most people hear of Odd Future they think of Tyler The Creator but you really need to delve beneath the top layer, because there’s so much more to OFWGKTA than meets the eye…

There’s nine core members and so many more affiliates.

These dudes are like Wu Tang but much more web savvy riding skateboards. Think about when RZA, GZA and Ol’ Dirty first sat down to conceptualise the Clan, this is exactly how they must of pictured it. Within a few years they would of accomplished what RZA set out to do nearly 20 years after, on their own terms, to an audience and fan support based entirely on free downloads, viral videos, and self promoted shows.

It took OFWGKTA a total of three years hard grind to get where they are now. This is how it should be done, everyone on the come up take note:

Hard work, honesty and perseverance pay dividends.

This is Earl ‘The Elusive’ Sweatshirt, don’t be fooled, this guy is a beast with the bars. Earl’s deep with the syllables and patterns, crazy with the content but he’s also introspective.

Try talking on a fucking blog with your arms cut off.

One of the crown jewels in the Odd Future crown is Jet Age of Tomorrow. They are real spaced out like the Neptunes meets N.E.R.D from Mars. I actually haven’t stopped listening to their albums since downloading. Best track is Lunchbox at the moment but I’ll go more in depth on them in a future post along with all the others.

Reviews shall follow…



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