PSA – Who!? What!? Where!? Why!? …are there no new discoveries?

Hey People,

I apologise for the inactivity on here but I’ve been under so much pressure, being a final year undergrad student at university… Excuse the lame excuse, I’ve just been really lazy, well not lazy but I’ve made no time to share anything new with you.

I assure you that soon we shall have many more features, and discoveries for your viewing pleasure because I’m finding that the less I blog and see things is the more I miss out on giving you the word on things in advance to them blowing up. I’ve already missed the boat on blogging about Wiz Khalifa, Ellie Goulding, J. Cole, and a bunch of others, all of whom I had discovered long before they were on the radar. In all honesty, I weren’t on the ball but I assure you all I’m back on my grizzly.

In the meantime check hold tight and i’ll hit you off with something soon.

Peace and Love


My eyes and ears are everywhere in search of something.



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