New Music: Goldielocks – Magic Carpet

I personally think Goldielocks is on to a winner with this one, the vocals and the way they’ve been mixed are reminiscent of Beth Gibbons from Portishead, which is always a thumbs up in my eyes. The track was written and produced by Goldielocks and Futurecut, soon to be released on Goldie’s own Gut Instinct Records.

If you’re a bit of a stranger to Goldielocks, here’s the lowdown:

3rd Eye vision was created for the Tate Britain ‘Bring The Noize’ project, where young musicians and artists had to use Chris Ofili‘s work to inspire a new piece.

i won’t front i’ve been a Goldielocks supporter from Neek Chic and Dolla Dolla, and I like the way Goldie stays on the path of innovation and creative exploration.

Goldielocks also hosts an event called On The Buttons

As well as being a Sick Kids afiliate alongside LeLe Speaks and Jackson Kid

So by now you should know about Goldielocks… Spread the word

For more info go to

Peace and Love



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