Style On blast: Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain T-Shirts

Daisy Chain T-Shirts

My saturday morning started with an odd encounter, on the top floor of a well known high street retailer on Brompton Road, I met Maddie Knight who owns a clothing company called Daisy Chain with partner Shane Dowd. Here’s the company description and mission statement I stole from the Daisy Chain Facebook Page:

“Daisy Chain is a T-Shirt brand specialising in unique vintage inspired designs.

Our mission is to dress the world one beautiful t-shirt at a time…”

Here’s two designs that have made quite an impression on me:

The first T-shirt is a collaboration with Art Feministe.


ArtFeministe x DaisyChain: I Read The News Today

Art Feministe brings a unique design with a high brow critique of today’s media…

Grab it today in a slim fit style, dress it with an oversize cardigan or cut to complete the look and wear on it’s own.”


The second is a collaboration with Jamille Graves:

Jamille Graves x Daisy Chain

JamilleGraves x DaisyChain: Bright Sky Night



“Jamille Graves and Daisy Chain join forces to turn a Yorkshire Garden into an extra terrestrial fashion phenom.

This richly coloured stellar tee is great worn as a statement in a plain outfit or layered up to create a unique look.”


To summarise…. Daisy Chain is a new brand set for big things with t-shirt designs fusing art and fashion to make statements.

T-Shirts start from around £15 amd there’s also an offer of 2 for £25 but ask in advance as the deal is not advertised anywhere on the storefront.


Facebook Page:


*All quotes are from company sources


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