Design On Blast: Melody Ehsani

Since this is the maiden voyage of Design On Blast, I have dedicated my article to all my style and accessory heads. Not only is this designer innovative, she also has a great set of ethics, design values, and an all round positively spiritual approach to both work and life. Without further a delay, I present to you, the one, the only, Los Angeles‘ own… Melody Ehsani!

Melody Ehsani

I came across this designer by way of the highly regarded video blogger SoleDeVida, who put Melody Ehsani on blast after purchasing a few accessories from KarmaLoop. As SoleDeVida is quite a reputable tastemaker and video blogger, I decided to do some digging until I discovered a few of her designs, and became intrigued.


“I want the women who wear my shoes to have the same opportunity for equality, wholeness, and self expression.”

Through my research I found out a few things about Melody Ehsani that I found both interesting and inspiring. Melody studied Law after finishing college but dropped out to pursue a career in design. At first she had no idea what she wanted to design but began to design a high end line of women’s shoes after an internship at Cr8tive Recreation. Rather than wait around for things to happen, Melody hopped on a plane to Hong Kong, recruiting a friend from mainland China along the way to find a manufacturer for her shoes.

“My style is inspired by paradox, controversy, justice and pushing the envelope in showing that you truly cant judge a book by its cover.”

Upon returning to the US, Melody‘s collection of shoes were an instant hit, she became hot property and soon fell into designing jewellery when a friend asked her to create a new logo. Once she discovered plastics, things took a different turn from what she anticipated because the jewellery design was exclusive to close friends whose recommendations spread to the likes of Erykah Badu amongst many other prominent figures. Melody Ehsani cites her success to something which she calls her divine blueprint, and boldly states that she is not afraid of competition because there is no other Melody Ehsani.

“I design to upset the equilibrium. I design to inspire. I design to serve. I design because I was created to do so.”

Melody Ehsani believes that through honoring her divine blueprint, she’s able to bring new patterns of behavior and equality for herself and all women in the future. In Melody‘s culture, brought up in a traditional Persian family, a woman’s value and status are determined by her marriage. it’s often a most difficult and challenging concept for many women in today’s world to accept, through design Melody believes she is helping women resolve the many paradoxes they face.

“A portion from each pair of Ehsani shoes purchased will go towards the advancement and education of women in our society.”

AirMe Swarovski Ring


I find Melody Ehsani inspiring, not only on a level of design but more the way she moves. Not only does Melody dream, but she creates more opportunities by taking action and allowing what is first in her imagination, to then onto paper before materialising through action into products. It’s a great example of why one should act upon ones dreams rather than sitting by the wishing well because with each bit of energy put into making a dream a reality, more opportunities arise for you to capitalise off of your dream, or as Melody would say “Divine Blueprint.”

“Anyone who loves accessories will love Ehsani because her designs are amazing…”

That’s what my dear friend said after I told her about my discovery, to reaffirm my intuition, so I suggest you give her sight a peek.




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