Style On Blast: High Tops

Why don’t enough women know about High Tops?

If they knew what seeing a woman in a pair of High Tops does to me, would they wear them more frequently?

“I fall in love with women who wear High Tops, although being beautiful, amongst a lot of other characteristics is always 99.9% of the reason.”

High Tops are the choice for females who’ve got style, not the fashionistas who buy gossip mags and emulate everything they see on pages and inside the box.

Wildfox Couture

High Tops are for the ladies who know who they are, the individuals, the thrift store regulars who are out on the hunt for that extremely rare bit of vintage clothing.

High Tops aren’t for the try hards, or the run up in Primark on a £50 spree girl. They’re strictly for the fly girls in skinny jeans or leggings, with a vintage dress or a blouse fresh from Urban Outfitters, or a boutique that only the style conscious know about.


Whether they be Nike’s, Converse All Stars, Reebok, Adidas, Supra’s or something out of this world, They always accentuate a fly girls attitude.

Crazy Straps x Stripey Leggings

I’m talking about the ladies who’ve got style, I’m talking about the foxy female.


The foxy females who flaunt their natural beauty, who apply make up in microscopic touches because they don’t really need it, they have enough confidence to love themselves thus realising that they’ll stand out from the crowd regardless.

High Tops are worn by foxy swaggalicious ladies, who wear big curly hair, with highlights, the type of females who are not into the weave or fakery because they don’t need it.

These ladies are not the typical commercial type of sexy. These ladies aren’t the designer handbag clutching, champagne swigging, expect you to pay for everything type of woman. High Tops are worn by women who pay their own way, and don’t expect anything from anybody. These are the women who turn you on from what’s inside their minds, and from the very nature of being able to conversate on so many levels.


High Tops are not the option for the women who have their hands out expecting to be fed, they are for the ladies who can feed themselves; the tenacious, career driven, and aspirational women who are focused, determined, and all inspiring.

Vanessa x Angela Simmons

High Tops are worn by females who empower you because they’re honest, sincere and love you for being yourself.

She's a Nerd Lover

This is for the foxy women in the High Tops ordering a tall cappuccino from Starbucks, next to a lemon cheese cake, after an afternoon lunch at Square Pie in Selfridges, or Strada off of Regent Street.

Ellie Goulding

This is for the beautiful women, both inside and out, and all ladies of the High Top calibre. I respect you all on the most heavenly of levels, your style and the way you move is all inspiring…

NixonWatch x Nike x Baseball Jacket=Fly

Stay rocking those High Tops…


Peace & Love



9 thoughts on “Style On Blast: High Tops

  1. Wow, this was a wonderful piece.. I love high tops myself. I love the way they feel and the look that they give.. This is a great piece.. really..


  2. Thanks for this great and inspiring blog! I love the way you compliment the girls and the way you describe them vs. the fashionistas.

    xx Nadia


  3. Hi Nadia,

    I managed to source some links for you. There’s probably a whole lot out there but personally these women are the best doing it. I also suggest you check out everyone who commented on this post because they are all sneaker and style heads.

    Yani & LeiMei – UK

    Amara is a swedish artist and sneakerhead – Sweden

    Sole De Vida is serious!!! -NYC


  4. I really like the Adidas x Jeremy Scott: Wings. Where do you think i can get those for cheap? Cause im trying to buy some shoes and i only have 50$


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