Sabrina Malheiros: New Morning

Sabrina Malheiros

Anyone who knows me will know how fond I am of Brazilian music, especially samba and nu bossa. I discovered an artist on Last Fm one autumn evening whilst doing an assignment for uni and instantly fell in love with her music. This artist was Sabrina Malheiros, whose album Equilibria still remains one of the most frequent played albums on my iPod.

This is a promo video which features her in the studio recording a follow-up album. I had already heard the follow-up album New Morning prior to seeing this but this promo is a must see for any Malheiros enthusiast.

What makes Sabrina stand out, and Brazilian music in general, is the sound of her voice, its the perfect tone. Also it’s the language and the way Portuguese has this rhythm to it, a strong reason why I made the choice to begin learning Brazilian Portuguese. Not only is it a beautiful language, I find the country, it’s culture and the people intriguing.

Self indulgent digressions aside, Sabrina Malheiros is someone whose music you should listen to if you want a fusion of sounds and influences rather than a full on assault of deep samba and new bossa. Sabrina’s debut Equilibria saw her collaborate with the likes Incognito and DJ Venom amongst others, which culminated in what critics deemed to be the first true contemporary album of Brazilian music.

New Morning leans more towards Malheiros’ roots as she pays homage to the founding father of Bossa Nova, Joao Gilberto. There are more than five songs on the album which incorporate a live band recording session in comparison with Equilibria’s one. New Morning is definitely picture postcard Brazil and paints a much more chilled and nostalgic picture in comparison to Equilibria’s contemporary stance.

I love both albums equally because I have different reasons for liking either album and the songs from each. A majority of the time I listen to both albums as I have them in the same playlist, so they often just play on one continuous loop amongst the likes of Luciana Souza, Negrocan, and Bebel Gilberto.

I really would urge you guys to join and download the desktop player because I discover so much music on there so randomly, that’s how I discovered Sabrina Malheiros. (A personal endorsement)

Peace and Love



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